Wildlife Nature Trips Indonesia.

"Think Slow, travel - Wildlife, Simply the best there is - Nature makes you smile."

Wildlife nature trips Indonesia presented by Korindo Travel. And various adventure trips in Sumatra. Java island. Borneo. Sulawesi. Lombok. Flores. West Papua and Maluku. Because Indonesia is the biggest islands country in the world. And it locates in tropical area that warm always in the year. So, Have Indonesia become your destination vacation!.

Wildlife Nature Trips Indonesia.

Furthermore, there are many kinds of object tourism. In which you can not find in your country. Such as: the beautiful beach to have swimming and surfing. The beautiful mountain. The great historic things: Temples, Crater, etc. Also there are also varieties of Indonesia culture. And the cost to have a vacation to Indonesia is cheap. Another hand the society are very friendly. Hence it make your vacation will terrific. So, welcome to Wildlife nature trips Indonesia. Because it is the last Eden of A Tropical Paradise in The World with an authentic nature & widlife trips Indonesia.

Also Korindo Travel is built from the experience of our team working together. Therefore, we have dedicated our lives to the tourism industry. Especially for Wildlife nature trips Indonesia. Korindo Travel mainly focuses on Outdoor Activities, including Daily Outings, also Cultural and Adventure expeditions throughout Indonesia. From the time you open our website at KorindoTravel.com. You will see a list of names of the Indonesian provinces where you will find various kinds of natural tour attractions. We always try to improve the accuracy of our information about Indonesia. From Sumatra in the West to Papua/Irian Jaya in the East. Because our tour choices cover 33 provinces. So, trek up the High Volcanoes. Then Dive deep into the blue sea. And Get lost in our dense wilderness.

Wildlife Nature Trips Indonesia.

In conclusion, we have traveled throughout Indonesia. And seeing many interesting places. At the same time having wonderful, friendly experiences during our travels. These experiences have inspired the making of this website. It is representing all that constitutes the Indonesia of Wildlife nature trips Indonesia. Therefore Not only do we seek to introduce you. Moreover the intrepid traveler to our Indonesia. This website will give information and publicity about this country. It will also bring much needed work and income to the local people we visit. Few who have ever seen a tourist in their part of Indonesia. Hence, we recognize the need, the hunger for such holidays off the beaten track. So! Let us suggest, Stop Dreaming and Come Now!. Visit Indonesia! The truly Archipelagic Country of S.E. Asia.

Please click the navigation bar to take to the original home attractions information of our culture, tradition and natural beauties. Also the great options for tours package recommended by our experienced local people. At keast, no last, our constant contact with the locals means our Information is constantly being updated.

Let’s go to Indonesia Archipelago, Holiday and Learning tours with Wildlife nature trips Inodonesia.
wildlife nature trips indonesia

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komodo island

Komodo Island

Komodo dragon is one of the best local nature and wildlife attractions in Flores and we offers 3 days 2 nights Komodo package with air con cabin boat.

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mountain rinjani

Mt. Rinjani Package

Mount Rinjani with altitude 3,726 Masl is already lured many travellers from around the worlds and it is one of the best nature trek routes in S.E Asia. We offers complete trekking packages 5 days includes 1 night finest hotel room before the trek.

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monkey borneo orangutan

Orangutan Tanjung Puting

Orangutan is also one of best wildlife viewing in Borneo, Indonesia. We offers 3 days 2 nights Orangutan Tanjung Puting with Klotok.

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mount kerinci

Mt. Kerinci Volcano

Mount Kerinci is the highest volcano with altitude 3,805 Masl and We offers you 4 days 3 nights climbing kerinci volcano starting from Padang Airport.

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bromo mountain

Mt. Bromo

Mount Bromo located 4 hours from Surabaya airport, 3 days 2 nights program is provided to enjoy the beauty of Bromo Semeru tengger national park.

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buddha temple borobudur

Borobudur Temple

This trip combined for enjoying Borobudur temple and hiking to Mount Merapi. 3 days 2 nights program is suit on the weekend time. Starting Friday and ending Sunday.

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baliem valley

Baliem Valley

It is worth to visit in 7 days 6 nights program and learning about tribes, cultures and natures in Baliem valley combnied with Jayapura sightseeing.

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traditional toraja house

Toraja Houses

Toraja overland program 8 days 7 nights explore most interesting tourism spots from Makassar airport includes visiting Toraja ancient tradition.

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