About pages is the about us,. Thus, this is about our thoughts, ideas, mission & vision. And we focus about wildlife and nature trips. Then offer all over Indonesia trips to bring the best expercience of Indonesia ecotourism. about

About an Overview of Korindo Travel.

Furthermore, Korindo Travel is built from the experience of our teams. Because we have dedicated our lives to the tourism industry. So, we have many years of experience in the travel industry. And also has visited many tourism destinations in Indonesia. Because it is not only do. But we seek to introduce you. The intrepid traveler to our Indonesia. Thus, this website will give information. Thus, publicity about this country. Hence, It will also bring much needed work. And giving income to the local people we visit. Moreover, we recognize the need. The hunger for such holidays off the beaten track.

Why Komodo Dragon, Mount Rinjani and Orangutan?

An overview About Komodo Rinjani Orangutan.

1996 was my first visit to this three places. That locates in Flores. (East Nusa Tenggara ). Lombok island. ( West Nusa Tenggara). And Kumai. ( Central Borneo/Kalimantan). Because we admired the exotic of these places. And inspired by the beautiful nature. Also the amazing wildlife. Thus, we design good itinerary visit Flores Borneo Lombok. The Komodo Giant Dragon Lizard. In which this is the original home to the incredible the monitor lizard. Also Mount Rinjani. It is is a huge volcano with a magnificent lake. Because it is measuring 8 km x 6 km inside the crater. Finally the  Orangutan. These remarkable primates live in their natural rainforest habitat. In the Tanjung Puting National Park. The location on the centre of Kalimantan.

Why Korindo Travel?

About Korindo

Korindo Travel has been your host. Furthermore, and the best guide through Indonesia for the decades. So,about  our main office locates in Lombok. Thus, we are not fully an automated booking service.  But a team of actual individuals & travel professionals. Because our goal is, to make sure that every guest finds their ideal tour packages. Moreover our agents are at your disposal 7 days a week offering fast advice. And also recommendations to make your holiday an unforgettable one.

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Experience is the best teacher

About Poeple, Nature and Wildlife.

Korindo Travel opens up ecological & adventure trips. This is to all types of people. Also to the Scientist, Naturalist  & Photographer. For Adventurer, Student, Boy Scout, or even families. And also to others who care & know and are curious to know more. Especially about the environment, willdile & nature. Korindo Travel will lead you through the rain forest. Then visit the an endangered species, the Orangutan. Because it is  one of humankinds living relatives in the animal kingdom. So, nowhere else on earth can you see and observe so many Orangutan. (Pongo pygmaeus). Because they are living free in their natural home.  And the Rinjani mountain on Lombok island. The Komodo Dragon on Rinca island.

In conclusion, our guide team, who have been experienced in rainforest for years. And involved directly with ecology tourism to conserve the nature. It will give you an answers to anything you want to know about Indonesia. It is like: The rain forest. The Orangutan. Proboscis monkey. Birds. And other animals. This is including the local people: Borneo Dayak tribes. Sasak people in Lombok island. Papua tribes, etc. Finnaly, Korindo Travel invites you to the heart of rain forest. To feel the spirit of ecological adventure. Because we are young Biologist  & Naturalist. And also expert in jungle survival & tropical mountain rescue. And travel business that operates company. So, now we are offering The ECOLOGICAL and ADVENTURE JOURNEYS in the INDONESIAN TROPICAL RAIN FOREST.


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