Banjarmasin tourist attractions. It offers various tours activities in South Kalimantan. And things to do in Banjarmasin. Also includes the jungle hiking. Visit dayak upau and the river excursion. Because Banjarmasin is also nice city to visit. Hence, you must consider to join one of Banjarmasin tourist attractions. Furthermore,  you will impress as it is rich in cultural. Also, the people is very welcome. Moreover, if you go to the hinterland. There are many activity which you can do. Also, if you like the gemstone, you can go to Martapura.

The Martapura is well known as the Diamond city. Due to the production of extremely precious stones. In which is able to attract most of the accessories collectors. Here, many a lines shop which sell origin stone from Kalimantan. Therefore, if you visited the gemstone shop. You will shop till drop. Because Banjarmasin is the place for origin stone. There is the famous one is the Kecubung stone. The kecubung go so many color. But the most wanted is the blue color.  Also, you may see the traditional diamond mines. Hence, several mining villages exist at the district of Cempaka.

south kalimantan banjarmasin tourist attractions

Banjarmasin Tourist Attractions.

If you never been to South Kalimantan and intend to visit this city. So, what do we offer?. What things to see?. And what Banjarmasin tourist attractions has offer?. Through this page. You will have an idea what to do in Banjarmasin. Because South Kalimantan is the most visited places. Hence, there are several local attractions. You must do like Bamboo rafting and floating market. And the jungle hiking on the Meratus mountain. You may also interest mingle with Dayak people. And also you can do different activities in Dayak village. For example: Swiming at Kinarum river. Observing day activities at the village. Visit local school. Rubber plantation. Dayak Deah dance performance. And the Balian ceremony. Others, you should not missed is the Soto Banjar which is very tasty.

As you know, Kalimantan is one of Indonesia greatest cultural and traditon.

Kalimantan (formerly Borneo) is biggest island in Indonesia. Also there are many rivers, called the thousand rivers. From the largest river into the longest one.  That is why cross Borneo is exist. Because it follows of the Dutch botanist, DR. Anton W. Niewenhius in 1894. It is about 990 km of cross Borneo border from West to East Kalimantan. This is showing how longest the river itself.

So, what do you think?.
About the tales of fierce headhunters. And moving stealthily through the rainforest?.

What is your opinion?.
How about the poison blow darts. Which speeding through the air from apparently invisible sources?.

Are you brave enough?.
Meeting the dangerous bears. Giant snakes and enormous leeches?.

Do you believe?.
About the mystic practices of the Dayak?. Also known for the silent stalking through the deepest jungle terrain?.

All these exceptional and curiosity. If you come and join Banjarmasin tourist attractions. So please pick one of our verified tours. In which that suit with your time.

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