Indonesia Company profile is the Indonesian travel agent. This information about the vision, mission and type of business. is the Indonesia travel agency with home based in Lombok. In which we also we call the SoHo Office. ( small office home office). So, from our home offices. We operates tour packages all over Indonesia as well as to overseas. And also the tours running is most handled by experienced locals guides.

Indonesia Company Profile.

Type of Business: Opens up Ecological and Adventure trips to all types of people. The Scientist. The Naturalist. Photographer. Adventurer. Student. Boy Scout. Or even families. And others who care, know, and are curious to know more about the environment. The service provides: Tours. Hotel accommodation. Transportations. Outing. Rent a Car. Special interest tour. And Tailored-Made Trip. indonesia company profile

Indonesia Company profile and Our Vision.

Furthermore, Bali has long been a popular tourist destination. Yet, there are many tourist destinations in Indonesia. In which can only be described as in the early stages of development. Even in Bali, there are still many interesting places which are seldom visited. So, we keep an eagle eye on what is happening in the world today. So that we can have some fore knowledge as to where the world might be heading in the future. Hence, this way we hope to anticipate changes. And re-gear our business to meeting them. Because the tourist infrastructure in Indonesia is constantly improving.

The 4-5 star traveler will find accommodation at a level. In which is at international standard or better. (and often at a much lower price than in the West). Because Indonesias scenic beauty adds even more to the traveler’s experience. With many resorts which can truly be described as Paradise on Earth. At the same time, even though oil prices cause concern. The economies of scale bring travel within the reach of those on smaller budgets. Indonesia is a great place for those travelers. Who need to get excellent value for their money. Altogether, a very exciting time for both traveler and tour operators. So don’t be a couch potato! Get up and come here!.

Indonesia Company profile and Our Mission:

We want to make our tours different. Hence, we take our guests to places away from the beaten paths. While at the same time offering reasonable standards of comfort. In addition to this, we can arrange tours for those hardy souls. Who can manage a hard trek and can do without things like western pedestal toilets. (For some tours, only a spade and a convenient bush. It is all that is available to answer nature’s needs). We want to take you to places which have yet receive the economic benefits that responsible tourism can bring. This means better standards of living. The health and education for the local populace. At the same time, we are very aware of conservation issues. We seek to leave as light a footprint as possible on both the local ecology and the local culture.

Indonesia Company profile and Our Values.

We continue to strive for excellence in tours our product. Thus, we welcome your feedback at all times. Say nice things and we are pleased. But critical comments are even more valuable as this is the way we can improve our services. At the same time, we often send members of our management team out on tour with our guests, as a method of quality control.

Indonesia Company Profile Important Notice.

Since April 2017, the ownership of Korindo Travel had changed from previous owner to the present stake holders. In which, if there is/are using beyond these email info at or korindotravel at gmail is NOT our responsibility as well as the personal bank account. Hence, we DO NOT use personal bank account. Because this is important to inform our partners or guests and other third party. Who has been involved and supporting in our tour products. So, you can keep supporting us and we are welcome to continue working you all. Thank you.

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