Maluku island tourist attractions and what best things to do in Maluku.  There are many local attractions and tours activity. The most popular are Banda and the Seram island. While you are in Ambon island. These are some of interesting attraction.  Also what to see and do. While in Maluku island tourist attractions.

Natsepa Beach. (Ambon).
Liang Beach. (Ambon).
Pintu Kota Beach. (Ambon).
Ora Beach. (Maluku).
Fort Belgica. (Banda Neira).
Sulamadaha beach. (Ternate).
Lake Tolire Besar. (Ternate).
Ngur Bloat Beach. (Tual).
maluku island tourist attractions

Maluku Island Tourist Attractions.

Travelling around Maluku need special arrangement. Due to Ambon split into several smal islands. In which, you need to get accourate information. Especially how to get from one island to another islands. This is seem not easy. Yet, we have been there couple of time. Also we updates the data frequently. It regards to Maluku island tourist attractions. Because Maluku is different topography. That is not  like most other island in Indonesia. So, with Ambon the capital city. There are regular flight flies from Jakarta to Ambon city.

Maluku island tourist attractions is almost untouched. And especially to remote places. It is why, this island is the perfect place to hideaway. And also to explore surrounding the areas. Others, Maluku is the historical places for Indonesian. When colonialized for years ago. And you may see when visit Maluku. The inheritances like old building, walls, and churches. Beside those history, Maluku is where the hidden paradise. That what you look for. So, Be there and enjoy it the Maluku island.

Seram and Maluku Island Tourist Attractions.

It is One of the biggest island in Maluku. The beaches in Ceram are generally beautiful. And suitable for swimming, fishing etc. Sea gardens, Sago woods, Maiden forests. Naulu race, who still keep the habits and traditional way of life. Exotic nature, flora and fauna at Manusela National Park. Also Kasa and Babi islet surrounding with white sandy beaches. And beautiful spots for swimming, fishing and gorgeous sea gardens. Wonderful waterfall and beautiful surrounding panorama in the village of Rumakai Antiques.

Banda and Maluku Island Tourist Attractions.

The Banda group about 160 kilometers southeast of Ambon. It consists of three larger islands. And seven smaller ones. Perch on the rim of Indonesia deepest sea. The Banda sea. The water reaches a depth of more than 6,500 meters.The three biggest islands Banda. The Banda Neira and Gunung Api. The first two are covers with nutmeg trees and other vegetation. The third however, the entirely bare and highly volcanic. The last eruption of Mount api occurred only a few years ago. The seas around Banda are the site of the famous Maluku sea gardens. With the bright corals and colorful fish. And the crystal clear waters. The facilities for sightseeing, snorkeling and skin diving are available. As well as clean, comfortable cottages.

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