Manado Tourist Attractions and Beyond

Manado tourist attractions. And the places of interest in Manado. Also visit Minahasa and dance performances. The arts and the cultures. Beside enjoying on the beach and snorkeling. So, probably diving in Manado. Hence, if you take a trips to North Sulawesi. You must visit the Bunaken island. Especially the Bunaken is paradise for diving. And also for snorkeling and relaxing. Other neighborhood island is Siladen. This place is also awesome for day trips. Manado tourist attractions provides more relaxing trips. Because this island well known for sea garden.

If you fly from your country like Europe, etc. And how to get Sam Ratulangi airport?. It is better, you fly to Jakarta airport. Because It is much easier to reach Manado. Especially there are many airlines fly to this island. Also from this province, the flight is connecting to other islands. So if you would do the extension program. It is very possible.

manado tourist attractions

Manado Tourist Attractions.

The capital of North Sulawesi is Manado. The indigenous people are the Manadonese and Minahasa. The province has a vast amount of coconut plantations. In which fringed along the coastline. For that reason. North Sulawesi calls Bumi Nyiur Melambai. Or the land of waving coconut Palms. So that, there are many nice places to explore. And also to enjoy in North Sulawesi. It is like diving and snorkeling in Bunaken. Also climbing to mount Klabat in Airmadidi. And seeing the Waruga. The ancient stone graves in Sawangan village.

Hence, the islands of Talaud and Sangihe parts of this province. Also, the people of North Sulawesi love music. And they fame throughout the country for the vocal skills. And displays to best advantage. Especially during the rituals, celebrations and gatherings. The Kolintang music instrument origin from Minahasa. It is similar to a wooden xylophone. And it is popular nationwide.

Introducing through this page. What sort of activity while visit this island. Because we designs several Manado tourist attractions. And also beyond Manado. Hence, we are welcome to discuss for customize trips for your groups.

If you would to customize trips for 2018 / 2019. Especially about Manado tourist attractions. Please feel free to contact us. We are here to serve you better.

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