West Kalimantan tourist attractions. And what to do in Kalimantan Barat. So, try to find out West of Kalimantan tour information. And best selection Pontianak attractions. includes adventure trip.

west kalimantan tourist attractions

West Kalimantan Tourist Attractions

Anyone who hears people talking about holiday to Indonesia. It must be exciting one. we would love to hear people talking about nice holiday. And wished to do the same things to dream about it. It is logic and part of human that we would love to do travelling. If you are found this page, please try to find out what you should do in Borneo Indonesia. As you will find the best selection of Pontianak packages information. As well as West Kalimantan tourist attractions. This includes the programs, prices and what to do in Borneo. Because we have several selective trip programs. That we design to accommodate your holiday dream to visit West of Kalimantan.

West Kalimantan Tourist Attractions

If you are an adventurous and brave enough to take a risk. You must take Cross Borneo program from west to east border. Also, if you want to mingle with Dayak tribe. And then learning about Dayak cultures or the ancient tradition. Please try to pick Borneo Longhouse itinerary. Also, we would to inform you that we continue our projects 2018. Saving the environment through tourism in West Kalimantan tourist attractions. And helping the locals through donations and build sanitary toilet. It is part of sustainable tourism. If you would to join, minimum 6 people to go. checked it out the 10 days West Borneo Trip 2018.

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