West Sumatra tourist attractions. Padang tourist information and beyond. Also the daily activity with details trip program. This includes hiking tours. So, if you plan to visit West Sumatra. Do not missed to do the hiking of Mount kerinci. Beside the Padang tours. You may combine many activity while in Padang.  Also if you want to go to the hinterland of West Sumatra. You can visit the Mentawai island. Here, you will meet the isolated people. Who live in the remote jungle. Also, other tour activity which you will consider while in Padang. You can go to the beach. In which it is not far from Padang city. From the West sumatra tourist attractions program. You can find the tour listing such as hiking to Mount kerinci and Bukittinggi sightseeing, etc. Also, it is possible to customize of your trip with Padang daily tours.

Normally, when people comes to West Sumatra. They will visit Bukittinggi. Becasue this town has lured many visitors. Especially for Malaysian or Singaporean. Because, the reason is, the flight access is easy and with direct flight. So that, many of visitors comes to Padang every years. Especially visiting to Bukittinggi town. Other reason too that West Sumatra is worth to visit. When we visited Padang, we do not want a missed the delicious meals. Especially we love the beef rendang. Of course the warm friendly of Padang people.

west sumatra tourist attractions

West Sumatra Tourist Attractions.

There are several West Sumatra tourist attractions programs. This is normally different in lenght of duration. But in general, when visitors visiting West Sumatra. The guests are doing such as hiking, leisure and bit adventurer. There are some of doing bird watching too. Hence, we sold out most the trips for routes from Padang Bukittinggi, to Kerinci and or Padang to Mentawai tribes. These most are the highlights for West Sumatra tourist attractions. Indeed, you must visit Padang with your friends or family.

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